Shoe repair

Standard Repairs


  • Full Soles & heels
  • 1/2 soles & heels
  • 1/2 soles only
  • Mid sole addition
  • Full Vibram Soles
  • Full Topsoles
  • Topsoles and heels
  • Topsoles only
  • Berkinstocks
  • Toe Pieces
  • Toe Pieces & heels



  • Sandal Strap Repairs
  • Full Linings or 3/4 linings
  • Back heel linings
  • Toe & Heel Plates
  • Toe Dots
  • Re-Attach tassels
  • Change/replace buckles per shoe
  • Change/replace elastic per shoe
  • Install dance taps
  • Ballet Stops
  • Swap or replace elastic
  • Stretch Boots / shoes
  • Lacing Moccasins
  • Sew soles/ calves 
  • Zipper pulls
  • Hand Sewing & Patching

Western Boots


  • Full Sole and heel
  • Cowboy Boots  '1/2 sole & heel
  • Cowboy Boots  '1/2 soles only



  • Regular Shoe Shines
  • Strip Shine
  • Military Boots 
  • Cowboy Boots
  • All other ankle to knee boots
  • Dye (Black only)

**Please note we do not repair luggage, purses, or belts.  

(Prices vary based on the repair and condition the shoes are in at the time of drop off)

For More information, give us a call!

We repair an assortment of items listed above. If you have any questions about a repair, call for more information.  

To save a trip to our store, you can also message a picture to our Facebook page and we can assess the repair online!

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